Richard Saunders


Imagination. Creativity. Surrealism.

My lifelong obsession has been to harness surrealist elements and pin them onto canvas, board or paper. And, these days, as glowing surreal pixels, too.

Take a look around this surrealist web site and see if you enjoy my exploration of surrealism, through my surreal paintings, drawings and photomontages. I enjoyed creating them. I don’t try to explain my surrealist works, although at times I have a hunch where the surreal thought originated.

If you would like to own one of my surrealist works or would simply like to comment on them, please contact me at my email address below, or you can use the information on the contact page.

My pet project, The Topiary Cat, has become a bit of a viral phenomenon with some Facebook images receiving three million hits. There are over three dozen photographic images of my beloved late Russian Blue cat, Tolly, in various poses rendered as a giant topiary cat in different locations around the country.

Richard Saunders